Our tables are made from ±150 year old walnut wood, harvested from the Belgian Ardennes and dried for four years on the wind. In the process, we are inspired by the natural shape of the tree and after many rounds of sand shaping we apply several layers of epoxy resin on top of the table. After that we sand, polish, lacquer and finally polish the table again. Each table is unique in shape, color and size and is build by hand in our workshop in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.



“Our goal is to create unique, robust & handcrafted design furniture.”

We started VANOUDS in 2012. Our first project, a series of six walnut tables, is the product of our passion for wood and surfing. Did you just say surfing? Well, yes. We used to surf a lot, and if you want to protect your surfboard against the forces of nature, you can treat your board with a layer of epoxy resin. That’s how we got to know this material. Now we use this epoxy as a protective coating on our tabletops. This not only gives them extra strength and durability, it also makes the table a real eyecatcher. Beside epoxy, we also really like wood. We grew up with wood and it’s become a real part of our lives. Wood is durable and strong, and often has a gorgeous grain and color. This truly makes it one of nature’s most impressive products. Yeah, we guess you could say we love wood…These two materials, epoxy and walnut, are what we used to fashion our first line of tables.



"The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten."

We mainly use Belgian Walnut, but are now slowly introducing Dutch Elm and Dutch Oak to our inventory. Just like the trees need time to grow, it takes time to produce a VANOUDS table. Every single piece is made by hand and that's why it takes around 4 - 8 weeks from start to finish. Our dining tables start at 3630 euro, but it all depends on the type- and size of the wood. If you are looking for a specific type, size, color or shape, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We always have a few different shapes and sizes on stock.