Bog oak tables

We have the most exclusive wood in stock currently. The wood is very old and has a unique color and grain. Thousands of years ago, Europe looked very different, with abundant forests full of native tree species such as oak, beech, walnut, and elm. Trees could live for hundreds of years before falling due to storms or wood rot.


Some of these trees ended up in a river and sank into the ground under the right conditions. Normally, wood in these conditions would rot away, but these trunks have withstood the test of time and can be up to 8000 years old. The wood is older than the pyramids and has acquired a beautiful dark color through thousands of years of conservation. In our workshop, we have the privilege of transforming these exceptional trunks into beautiful tables. We are very proud of this unique material.

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What makes bog wood even more special is its connection to the past. Each piece of wood carries within it the history of long-lost times when these majestic trees populated the Earth. The reuse of bog oak wood contributes to sustainability and the preservation of natural resources by reducing the use of newly harvested wood.

In summary, bog oak is a unique and precious type of wood with exceptional characteristics. Its beauty, durability, and historical value make it a valuable choice for those seeking a distinctive and timeless piece in their interior or woodworking projects.


The price of a VANOUDS bog oak table is calculated per square meter. The prices below are excluding VAT and include a solid steel frame, delivery, and on-site assembly in the Netherlands.

Bog oak
โ‚ฌ2900,- per m2
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