Walnut wood tables

During the first years of our company, we exclusively worked with walnut wood. The grain and color of the wood are incredibly beautiful, and they never get boring. Much of our success is thanks to this stunning wood species. The wood ranges from light brown to deep dark brown, sometimes even with shades of red and purple. These warm color variations give walnut wood a timeless and elegant appearance. The unique grain pattern of walnut wood is a true eye-catcher.

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Walnut wood is beloved not only for its aesthetic qualities but also for its durability and strength. The wood is hard and dense, making it resistant to wear and dents. This makes it ideal for furniture that is used intensively on a daily basis, such as tables. Overall, walnut wood exudes a sense of refinement and luxury, adding a touch of timeless beauty to any interior.

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The price of a VANOUDS walnut wood table is calculated per square meter. The prices below are excluding VAT and include a solid steel frame, delivery, and on-site assembly in the Netherlands.

Walnut wood
โ‚ฌ2600,- per m2
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